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Most professional independent escort in the Greater Montreal area, I will make sure to treat you like a king for as long as you want me to! My top priority: getting gentlemen to feel sensations and feelings they never had the chance to live before! Totally devoted to give you as much pleasure as possible, you can rest assured to experience thrills you have never previously felt.

Whether you are only looking for a sexy and private moment in my company or to go out in town and have a hot date with me, I am totally dedicated to fulfill all of your desires. Very versatile, I will be able to blend in perfectly in every situation you want me to be. No matter your preferences, your time with me will be beyond your expectations.

If you are a gentleman looking to spend a memorable evening with a professional companion that will take care of you like nobody ever did before, stop hesitating and contact me so we can organize the most unforgettable evening of your life.

Offered services for an exquisite moment

Open-minded, I am willing to do everything I can to please the gentleman in my company. Top- tier outcall Secrets: escort in Montreal, my only dedication is your own personal pleasure. Whether your preferences are to have a hot conversation around a bottle of wine involving a full experience with me or to simply feel as pleased as you never felt before, I will make sure to take you up to heaven.

I can also be your perfect companion for events such as parties, dinners with friends or family, business meetings and shows. Increase your presence by being arm-in-arm with an extremely hot woman and impress everybody attending the event.

Simple hook-up

Simply looking to spend a private and really torrid moment involving nothing more than having as much fun as possible in a bedroom? A casual hook-up with me will then satisfy all of your needs. Receive me at your place or come and meet me at my clean and discreet apartment so I can put you on cloud-nine. Ideal for anyone looking for a “no strings attached” relationship, I will make you live sensations you didn’t even know existed until the moment you met me. Highly charismatic, I will create a sexy and soothing atmosphere for you to feel as comfortable and pleased as possible.

Real goddess in the bedroom, let me surprise you with my undeniable charm of seduction. There is absolutely no need to plan a complicated soiree to have a lot of fun in my company. A simple meeting with me in a cozy room and I will turn a regular and quiet evening into an outstanding moment that will fascinate you. Be careful, I will get you addicted to me. I can ensure you that after a single hook-up with me, all women will seem boring to you and forget me will be totally impossible.

Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

Most complete experience of all, the Girlfriend Experience is the perfect option for someone looking to have me in his company for a dinner date, a party with some friends or even for a business meeting. Since I am extremely discreet and professional, your guests will all be totally convinced that you are hanging out with one of the most beautiful women in Montreal.

This complete experience can be useful in many different situations. For example, in a business meeting, having the company of a superb escorts Montreal and confident woman by your side is a non-negligible asset. Symbol of power and presence, having an incredibly beautiful lady supporting your ideas and projects in the conversation will definitely influence all of your colleagues and add weight to your arguments.

In a party with some friends or in a family dinner, that incredibly popular option allows you to stand out as a man dating a beautiful and confident woman, impressing everybody in the place. Also, it gives you the possibility of leaving a little earlier than planned, without anybody asking why as you will have me with you to justify it.

Bachelor party

Are you getting married anytime soon? Is one of your friends about to get engaged with his girlfriend in the near future? If so, you may then want to organize to best bachelor party as soon as possible, to be prepared for a never-to-be-forgotten night! Among my favourite events, bachelor parties are always incredibly fun to participate to! Celebrating your last moments as a single man, you definitely want to plan it in order to live the most exciting night of your life!

There is one single way to make that evening totally unforgettable to everyone invited to the party: an escort! Escorts are a must to every bachelor party. Make sure to invite me to yours so that event will be as successful as possible! To spice up that night, I will dance in front of you and all of your friends for as long as you guys will want me to.

Everyone invited will fall under my spell, as I will be doing the sexiest dance moves you gentlemen ever saw. As well, I will strip dance all night long, showing off my body slowly but surely, creating thrills in every guest’s body. Let me titillate the fantasies of everyone in this hot and captivating show that will stay memorable. This is your last chance to live all the experiences you always wanted to have, do not miss it!


Always been a fan of role-playing situations or attracted by hot women dressing up in sexy costumes and uniforms? Organize a costume evening with me and be totally seduced by all the roles I can personify to turn them into wild and hot unreal characters, ready to please you and fulfill all of your desires in a virtual world that will bring you to seventh heaven! Transport yourself in another universe and experience an incomparable and fanciful moment where everything is possible.

Ever wanted to be arrested by the sexiest police officer ever existed, rescued by a really hot woman firefighter or taken care of by a beautiful nurse? All these scenarios are now possible as I can play every role you want me to, in order to create a wild and torrid role-playing situation.

Where to bring me in Montreal

Incredibly entertaining place, there is a lot of options to have a wonderful moment around Montreal. Second largest Canadian city and most open-minded one in North America, the possibilities are limitless when it comes to having fun in this beautiful metropolis. Perfect mix between European charm and American extravagance, Montreal is a must to anyone that desire the most unique party experience in Canada. If you are not quite sure where to take me around the city to live an incredible night, I brought you some ideas to help you plan an ideal evening for both of us.


Popular touristic place in America, the number of top-quality hotels in Montreal is astounding. From low-end motels to world-renowned facilities, the possibilities are simply infinite. With the vast majority of these hotels being really close to Montreal’s downtown, it is quite easy to go out in town and have a drink before quickly coming back to your room and enjoy the rest of your night, without the hassle of having to call and wait for a taxi. Obviously, in order to receive me in your room, you will need to book a night in one of Montreal’s decent hotel.


All over the world, Montreal has the reputation of a gastronomic city because of its ubiquitous French culture. Having that influence reflecting through the restaurants of the city is certainly a significant asset in order to provide a high quality cuisine in most facilities. French cuisine is known worldwide to be among the best in the world and that clearly is one of the reasons Montreal is so popular for people to discover forward-thinking food.

Multicultural city, there is a lot of other foreign cultures present in Montreal influencing its gastronomic world. Invite me to one of Montreal’s most popular restaurant in order to have an exquisite dinner in my company, before ending the evening in a more private place.


Another aspect of Montreal that made it quite famous is its incredible nightlife. Around the city, there are so many different bars and clubs that it would take you an eternity to discover them all. With world-renowned clubs such as the New City Gas hosting the most famous DJs on the planet, it is easy to say that Montreal is definitely one of the best cities to party.

Bring me to any of these famous clubs to have me dance on you all night long and make every guy in the club jealous of you. Clubs are the perfect place to go out crazy and have a few drinks, ideal to make me even wilder before bringing me back to your room! You will then be impressed by the sensations I will be able to make you live after this torrid date.


Not convinced into bringing me in any of these places? Looking for some more original ideas to take me to? In Montreal, it is possible to find Libertine Clubs such as “L’Orage Club”, where you are able to enjoy a torrid moment in an exhibitionist concept as a couple or as a single person. For the fans of voyeurism and eroticism, this kind of places is an excellent way to have fun in my company, in a totally different atmosphere.

A little more conservative? Bring me in one of the many interesting museums or artistic exhibitions available all over the city. Experience a cultural date in my company, as my interest in the arts will totally impress you.

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